Local Control - Decentralize

Beyond Left & Right - Libertarian

Pro-business & Free Markets

School Choice - Fund students, not systems!

Lower Taxes & Regulations

Freedom is the answer to Nevada's greatest challenges

From our failing public education system, to mandates and shutdowns, to all the other issues Nevadans face, giving people more control over their own lives, healthcare and money is the best solution.

Policy positions

My Top Priorities

Secure Elections

Return to in-person voting, with Voter ID. Robust signature verification for all mailed ballots.

Personal Choice

We should be able to choose the healthcare and schools we think are best for us and our families, free from zip codes and insurance companies.

Bold Legislation

I will support and propose legislation that reduces the size and scope of government, in favor of the rights of the individual. I will vote against all bills that expand it.

Vision & Mission

Every Person Deserves Representation

Libertarians understand that the best solution to the deeply-divided politics of the two major parties is to try to get government out of the way, as much as possible, and give the people maximum control over their own lives. Free markets and free association lift all ships and can heal the divisions!

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